Our Real Estate Agency

About us

Mondocasa Real estate services services has been operating in the territory of Caltagirone since 2006, having already existed since 1998 as an affiliate of Tecnocasa

The experience we have gained over the years, even through numerous training courses, allows us to offer many services to our selected customers, to help them to achieve the goal of finding the perfect property in the shortest possible time and at the right market price.

Currently we boast an extensive portfolio of properties for sale and lease including prestigious period villas , stable profitable businesses, individual residential houses, apartments, rooms for different purposes, plots, individual houses, homes and holiday homes .

For the effective promotion of our properties we use tools like an always accurate and up to date showcase with the latest offers, local magazines, popular real estate portals, periodic flyers distributed at strategic points of the city, an extensive database of contacts with potential buyers, as well as valuable collaborations all over the country and internationally.